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How can you expect someone to invest in you, if you don’t? A while ago, my girlfriend asked me to an art event complete with dinner and entertainment. One look at their website and I passed on the opportunity. How could I expect much value for the steep price tag when they didn’t even spend on their website? Freeman Casting has placed background performers on hundreds of projects that can be viewed all over the world!   View Project Street Kings is an award-winning dance studio for school-aged and teens.  They train for contemporary dance styles (ie, Hip Hop, Popping, Breakdance, and... Read On


What good is money if it can’t inspire terror in your fellow man? I stand by my racial slur. Fire can be our friend; whether it’s toasting marshmallows or raining down on Charlie. Fire can be our friend; whether it’s toasting marshmallows or raining down on Charlie. Healing Botanics Who decided we needed lab chemicals to take care of our bodies?  Healing Botanic’s plant-based body care products will make you feel great with a conscious surprise. View Project Mmmealprep Eating great is one thing… but eating to lose weight is a commitment.  We helped Mmmealprep took away the hard part... Read On


After the looking good is done, we pride ourselves in the continual success of our clients.  That is why we stick around to help companies gain more exposure and learn more about their market.  Because, the best product doesn’t always win; the best marketed one does. Plantskydd Animal Repellent After years of increasingly successful campaigns, Plantskydd has learnt a lot about their market and can use their resources efficiently. See Project The Butler Did It Catering As one of Greater Vancouver’s largest corporate caterers, new territories can be a scary thing.  The Butler needed help getting into the wedding catering... Read On

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The more we explore, the more we understand.  Good design is functionality made beautiful and inviting.


You can’t tell someone to buy into you; you inspire them to. Brilliant content brings your visions all together.   Street Kings Dance Academy When it comes to an award-winning dance studio, our photos need pop.  We set Street Kings up with active studio shoot and an onsite shoot at their new school, for their website and promotional material.  View Project Kosan Travel Co. The world’s most comprehensive travel system doesn’t just fund itself.  We helped Kosan fill their kickstarter and get them funded. View Project La Fleur de Rose Taking photos of roses are hard.  Capturing the exquisite details... Read On